Athens Half Day with Acropolis Museum

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Athens Half Day with Acropolis Museum

Country: Greece, Region: Mainland Greece, City: Athens

Tour Description

This tour gives you an opportunity to observe the striking contrasts that make Athens such a fascinating city.

Our expert guides will take you to see the Panathenaic Stadium where the first Olympic Games of modern times were held in 1896 (short stop).

On the Acropolis visit the Architectural Masterpieces of the Golden Age of Athens: The Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion and finally "the harmony between material and spirit", the monument that "puts order in the mind", the Parthenon.

Tour Information

The New Acropolis Museum is situated at the bottom of the Acropolis. Designed by New York architect Bernard Tshumi, the building is modern, and constructed from glass and steel.

The collection includes 4,000 objects, dating from prehistoric times through to the Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods and up to late Antiquity (1,000 B.C. to 700 A.D.). At least 300 are considered to be of major historical and cultural importance. A particularly interesting feature in the glass-bottomed lobby, through which visitors are able to observe the archaeological remains beneath its foundations.